How to know what hairstyle is best for you on your big day

Deciding on your dream wedding hair may seem like a daunting experience for some. You want to look your very best but as someone who advocates natural beauty, I find it’s important you still look like you. You want something that will reflect your style, but will stand the test of time and be something you love in the years to come. So how do you decide on the look you want? Follow my advice below to help you get decide on the best wedding hair for you. 

Think about how you wear your hair day-to-day

You may be someone that wears your hair up all the time for work. If this is you, as you are used to having your hair up all the time, you would most likely feel comfortable with an up-do for your big day. However, someone who wears their hair down all the time, will most likely not feel comfortable wearing their hair up for their big day. Take into consideration any insecurities you might have as well. For example, some people may not think their ears are their best feature, so I may advise wearing your hair down, or having an up-do, with hair pieces coming down around the face and ears to help disguise them a bit. 

Photo by Sarah Vivienne

Consider your own style or any themes you have based your wedding around

If you are someone that is having quite a minimalist ceremony, you may want a clean, simple style such as a chignon up-do or a classic Hollywood wave style. However, you might be having an outdoor wedding, be a big floral lover or like the bohemian style and want a flowing, curly down-do with flowers in your hair. Having a hairstyle that compliments the theme of your wedding or your own style, really adds to the overall aesthetic of your wedding and makes it that much more personal to you. 

Sleek bun for a classic wedding hairstyle
Plait and tousled curls for a bohemian hairstyle

Decide if you want any hair accessories or a veil

This comes hand-in-hand with the point I made above. When thinking about your own style, you will know whether you are someone who has always wanted a veil, or you may want to go simpler by having an understated hair piece. Either way, having an accessory in your hair will affect how the overall style will look. For example, some of the details from your hairstyle may get lost underneath a veil, so you may want to think about going for a style where the details (plaits/twists in the hair) will still be seen. If you are unsure, talking to your bridal hair stylist at your trial will help find the best solution for your big day.

Photo by Sarah Vivienne

Pinterest is your best friend

You may hear me banging on about Pinterest boards all the time, but I honestly believe they are one of the best ways to help visualise your dream wedding hairstyle. You can search for any style you want and tailor it to hair colour, type and length. The best feature, that I LOVE, is that once you find a look you like, you can zoom in on the photo and this will allow you to view similar styles and images to help you find variations on a similar theme. This will give you the best chance at finding the ideal look for you! Check out some of my Pinterest Boards here.

Specify your Pinterest searches by hair type
Use the visual search tool to find other similar hairstyles

Finally, talk to your bridal hair stylist for advice

You will most likely have some questions or be seeking advice about your bridal hairstyle. Whether you need recommendations for hair extensions, advice on a style to choose or hair care advice in the run-up to your wedding, your hairstylist will be there to help. So make sure to ask those questions, however small or silly you might think it is. You will be given honest advice to help make the most of your natural hair and make you feel your very best self for your special day.

Photo by Megan Wilson

Hopefully some of these tips will help you find your dream hairstyle look. If you’re still unsure, when you book in with me, I offer all my clients a personal hairstyle quiz to help determine your wants and needs for your wedding hair. I then provide you with a personalised Pinterest Board, based on your answers, to help you visualise the overall look. Enquire now to get started on your dream wedding hair journey.

Hayley x

Credits: Featured Image by Hannah Millard

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