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Follow my advice to help you make the most of your Pinterest hair and makeup inspiration

Time and time again brides tell me how overwhelming Pinterest can be. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing tool to find inspiration photos for any aspect of your wedding, but you can get sucked into the hype and end up with 100s of photos and too many ideas crowding your thoughts. I’m going to teach you how to be smart in your searches for wedding hair and makeup inspiration. This will help you to create a board that actually resonates with you and to ensure that your ideas translate well to your hair and makeup artist, so they create the wedding look of your dreams!

How to Start

When you first get engaged and start looking for hair and makeup inspiration, the initial excitement kicks in and we end up saving everything and anything for ideas. Whilst this doesn’t always help us narrow down our options, I think it’s a necessary step on your wedding hair and makeup journey. The more ideas you save, the more likely you are to see a pattern forming in your searches. You may find a particular colour scheme keeps cropping up, or a certain eye look. Maybe you keep finding hairstyles with flowers in the hair or up-dos that all look quite similar. This is great, because you are understanding more what you like and is the first big step into culminating a good Pinterest board.

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with finding hair and makeup inspiration, or don’t really know what you want, I highly recommend throwing yourself into the searches and save anything that catches your eye. Create a Pinterest Board titled ‘Wedding Hair and Makeup’ or you might want to create a separate one for each. Then start searching! You can be quite general with your searches, but try to think of keywords that are relevant to you and your wedding. For example, if you are having an autumn wedding, you may want to search for “autumn wedding makeup” or you can narrow it down further by “natural autumn wedding makeup”. Here are some keywords to kick-start your searches. Feel free to interchange some of the words to suit your wedding season/colour scheme/skin tone/hair type:

  • “Natural makeup summer wedding”
  • “Autumn bridal updo”
  • “Natural wedding makeup fair skin”
  • “Wedding hair naturally curly”
  • “Bridal updo fine hair”
  • “Wedding makeup red lip”
  • “Wedding hair down dark hair”
  • “Elegant wedding hair”
  • “Bohemian wedding hair”
  • “Natural wedding makeup blue eyes”

Usually, by the time you have started looking for hair and makeup inspiration, you will have booked the key vendors that are likely to influence the wedding the most (venue/flowers/photographer/dress). These can help fuel your hair and makeup searches too. For example, you may have a colour scheme of peaches and pinks for your flowers, so these colours may come through in the makeup. Or your bridesmaids dresses might be burgundy, so you want a gold eye makeup to complement the warmth of the dresses. Or maybe your dress is high necked and modern, so you may want a sleek up-do hairstyle to suit this. Whatever it is, these small details can influence the hair and makeup choice and will help you to narrow down your searches even further.

See how each makeup/hairstyle complements the flowers and the dresses

I recommend saving between 10 and 20 images for hair and makeup that you like the look of. Ideally, you want to narrow these down further to 5-10 so you have a really clear idea on what you want, but we can do this later, don’t worry! After you have finished your initial search and have a good selection of photos saved, you need to take a break from Pinterest. It is very easy to get into a Pinterest rabbit hole and keep searching and searching but, after a while, everything starts to look the same and you become overwhelmed with ideas. So take a break, ignore Pinterest for a few weeks and sit on the ideas that you have found and see how you feel about them.

Narrowing down your choices

Once you’ve given yourself a break from ideas, go back to your initial Pinterest board and have a look through the photos you’ve saved. This is the time to be more critical and realistic in your choices – when looking at your pins, ask yourself questions like:

  • What do I like about this makeup/hairstyle?
  • Why have I pinned this image?
  • Does the model in the photo have a similar hair colour/hair type/hair length/hair thickness to me?
  • Does the model in the photo have a similar skin tone/complexion/eye colour to me?
  • Does this photo look edited – do I expect to look like this/is it realistic?
  • Does this style fit with my wedding theme/colour scheme?
  • Do I like my hair up/down or would I feel comfortable with this style?
  • Will this style need extensions and am I happy to buy these if it does?
  • What season is my wedding and will the weather conditions affect this hairstyle?

If you feel that some of your inspiration doesn’t give you a clear answer from the questions above, it’s time to find some new ideas and tailor your search further. For example, if you have found a makeup look that you like, but the skin tone or eye colour in the photo doesn’t reflect yours, narrow down your search to include key words that relate to your skin tone. Another example I see quite often is that the hair colour in the inspiration photo is completely different to my bride’s hair colour. Skin tone and hair colour can really reflect how a makeup look or hairstyle looks so it is important to find inspiration that creates a realistic expectation for you.

Useful tools to narrow down your search

There are a few useful tools to help you navigate Pinterest more easily. The first one is using the buttons at the top of the page (below the search bar). These allow you to search further into categories related to your keywords. See how I have used it below:

As you can see above, I have searched “natural bridal makeup”. As I have fair skin, I have searched by skin tone range “fair”. Once I have done this initial search, I can then use the buttons at the top to suggest further directed searches that are relevant to my facial features. I used the “brown eyes” button to find natural bridal makeup on brown eyes. On my next search, I can narrow everything down further by using the suggest buttons at the top. For example, as I have blonde hair, I could click on this and find relevant inspiration this way. Keep doing this and continue searching to find makeup styles that you know are likely to suit you because your whole search process has been reflective of your facial features/hair colour etc…

Another helpful tool on Pinterest is the ‘find more’ button. This can be found at the bottom of your board and will search for photos/makeup looks/hairstyles that are similar to the ones you have already saved. This just gives you a few more options and lets you see what other styles are out there without steering too far away from your initial concept. For example, if you find some low up-do hairstyles you like, by clicking the ‘find more like this style’ button, you will be able to find variations on a low up-do – some might be sleeker styles, some more messy/tousled, and you will be able to find what you like best. See below how the board I have saved has a lot of textured hair styles. When I click the ‘find more’ button, it shows me sleeker buns. This allows me to compare the two and decide which I like better.

Collaborate with your hair and makeup artist

Odds are, your hair and makeup artist has a Pinterest account that you can share your saved ideas with. I always encourage my brides to invite me as a ‘collaborator’ on their Pinterest board. Most of the time you want to keep your board private, so adding me as a collaborator allows me to see the board without it being public on Pinterest. By inviting me to collaborate on your board, I can see what ideas you add as you go along. This is particularly useful in the run-up to the trial, as once I see your ideas, I can advise you on whether they are realistic styles for your complexion or hair type/colour and how we can achieve something similar or adapt the inspiration into a look to suit you. Below is how you can add me as a collaborator to your Pinterest board. Click on the + symbol at the top of your Pinterest board. You will be asked to ‘invite a collaborator’. Type ‘hayley marie artistry’ into the search box and click ‘invite’.

Now you’re set! Enjoy searching for inspiration and if you need any advise on the images you have saved, please email me – I am happy to help!

Hayley x

Credits: Cover photo by Portfolio Photographic

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