Frequently Asked Questions

As a bride, you may have lots of questions about your hair and makeup. To help you plan and prepare, I have compiled a selection of my frequently asked questions. I hope these can help answer any queries you may have, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch and I will be happy to help you.

The Booking

Why choose Hayley Marie Artistry as your bridal hair and makeup artist?

Investment: I am fully invested in you and your wedding plans from start to finish. I want to be here to help you as much as possible, so, from the moment you book with me, I am here to answer any questions you have. From our ‘vision call’ when you first book, to sending you your final wedding checklist,  I have your back. 

Passion: Weddings and brides are my passion. I love hearing about all your wedding details –  from proposal stories to honeymoon plans, the excitement is endless! You want someone to surround you and your girls on that wedding morning with positivity and excitement – I’m your girl. 

Expertise: I have been a makeup artist for 5 years and a hairstylist for 2,  so I have experienced my fair share of weddings. I only use products that I love and trust to create your dream look for your big day. I will give you tips and tricks to help you prepare your skin and hair in the run-up to your big day and answer any questions for you. Think of me as your beauty guide, and relax knowing that you will look beautiful on one of the greatest days of your life. 

How much do you charge?

I have a selection of bridal hair and makeup packages to suit yours and your bridal party’s needs. You can view these on my packages and prices page here.

Do you require a booking deposit to secure my wedding date?

I take a 20% non-refundable deposit off the total amount when booking yourself and the bridal party in. This ensures that your date is fully secure with me and is deductible from your final payment. For the bride, you pay 50% of your remaining amount at your trial, and then any remaining payments for yourself and the bridal party are paid on the wedding day (or the week of the wedding if you prefer to not worry about finances on the day).  If you decide to book other members of the bridal party in at a later date, each person requires a £10 booking deposit.

How many members of the bridal party can you do?

This all depends on what time your wedding is and how much time you have allocated to get ready on the morning of your wedding. On my own, I can do up to 4 people for both hair and makeup (allowing 6 hours to get ready). If you want just makeup or just hair from me, I can usually do up to 8 people (allowing 6 hours to get ready). If you require both hair and makeup and have more than 4 people needing to get ready, please get in touch with me as I have a couple of trusted makeup artists who I may be able to bring to assist on the morning. I charge an additional fee to bring another makeup artist with me on the morning of your wedding (the amount will depend on the number of people needing hair/makeup and any travel fees for the assistant- please get in touch to discuss this further with me).  

Do you have any T&Cs upon booking?

Yes, please find my Terms and Conditions here

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The Trial

Do I need a trial?

All of my bridal packages include a trial as, in my opinion, they are fundamental to a bride’s hair and makeup journey. I want to make sure that you feel your best, most beautiful self on your big day, whilst feeling comfortable in the look you have chosen. Sometimes a bride may show me a picture of something they really love, but when recreated on them, decide that look is not right for them. A trial allows us to have that time to make those tweaks and make sure that you’re happy. It also means you can see how the hair and makeup styles wear throughout the day and give me feedback if we need to make a change on your wedding day. I make a record of the products I use from the trial so that application can be quicker on the day as well.  I understand that stress and nerves can be high on the wedding morning, so I want you to be able to trust that you are in safe hands and know you will look beautiful, as we have had that trial look together already.

When and where will my trial take place?

I contact all of my brides 3 months before their big day, to book in a trial for the following month (2 months before the wedding). I think it’s important to not have your trial too far away from the wedding, as your tastes may change or you may look completely different a few months down the line (e.g. hair colour change). Having a trial 2 months away from your wedding is the best way to have a true reflection of how you will look on your wedding day, whilst allowing you enough time to order anything you may need (e.g. wedding day lipstick, hair extensions etc..). However, if you would like to book your trial in sooner, please do let me know when you book in with me and I can sort this for you.

As a mobile hair and makeup artist, I am not based in a salon or a studio. Therefore, I usually do trials at my brides’ houses or at a venue of their choice (a small travel cost may apply). This is always nice for brides as they usually feel comfortable and relaxed in their own home and is more flexible for them, as they don’t need to leave the house for their appointment. 

What should I expect from the trial?

We will have had a brief consultation prior to the trial where I will have spoken to you about any ideas you may have had for your wedding hair and makeup. At the trial, I use these ideas, along with any further input from you, to create a hair and makeup look that you would wear on your wedding day. We can try a couple of looks if you like, or adapt your initial look if we need. I make a note of the products I use and any other information I may need for the wedding day. This then makes application quicker on the day and you can relax on your wedding morning knowing you will look beautiful. A trial is also a great opportunity for me to give you any tips or tricks for preparing your hair and skin for the big day, and advise you if you need to order anything (such as a lipstick in the shade I have used, or skincare products).

How should I prepare my hair/skin for the trial?

I provide all my brides with a ‘Trial Checklist’ when booking you in for your trial, so you know how to prepare your skin and hair for the day. Usually, I ask you to come with clean, fully dry hair that has been washed the night before your trial, and is product free. Skin should be cleansed the night before/morning of your trial and a moisturiser should be applied. If you have any questions or want to double-check anything, please message me before your trial and I can advise you depending on your hair/skin type.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

For your trial, you should bring any hair accessories you will be wearing or your veil. I always think it’s nice to bring any jewellery you have chosen for the day as well so you can see the whole look come together. I recommend trying to wear a white top, or a top that matches the colour of your dress, and one that also has a similar neckline to what you will be wearing on the day of your wedding. This again helps you to visualise your hair more clearly as different necklines suit different hairstyles. If you have spoken to me prior about having hair extensions, please also bring these with you.

For makeup, you don’t need to bring anything with you, but I would recommend having any treatments done that you will be having done for your wedding day (e.g. fake tan/lashes). These can really change the appearance of a makeup look, so having them done for the trial is a clearer reflection of what you will look like on your wedding day.

Do members of the bridal party need a trial too?

Bridal party trials are not essential but they can be good to help you decide of the look you want for the wedding day. They are particularly helpful if you haven’t had your hair and makeup done before or you are unsure of the look you are wanting on the day. The wedding morning will go by quickly, so there won’t be time to experiment with multiple styles. By having a trial, you are able to try out a few of those styles so that we can find something together that works for your hair/skin type and complexion. This helps to minimalise stress on the morning of the wedding as, if everyone knows what they want and how it looks on them, you can all relax knowing you will look and feel beautiful for the rest of the day.

Trials can also be a nice time for the bridal party to gather with the bride and make a whole day of it. A lot of my brides will bring along their Mum or Maid of Honour and, once they’ve had their hair and makeup done, they go out afterwards to make the most of the experience and have a fun day together.

Bridal party trials are charged at £100 for hair and makeup or £50 for hair or £60 for makeup. These prices are based on the bridal party having a trial with the bride. If they choose to have a trial on a separate occasion, some travel costs may apply.

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The Wedding Day

What should I expect on the wedding morning?

I want to make your wedding morning feel as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. To help keep things organised, I will provide you with a rough schedule of the morning (start and finish times) and a wedding morning checklist, a month prior to your big day, so the bridal party can be informed and everyone knows where they need to be. It doesn’t take me long to set up my kit, so I will get there 15 minutes before-hand to make sure we start on time.

I  understand how hectic the wedding morning can be, so I am more than happy to help out where I’m needed –  whether that’s making a drink or helping you get into your wedding dress. I will stay for any last minute touch-ups and to help you put any hair pieces/veil in, so that you look fresh and beautiful to walk down that aisle.

How long should I allow for hair and makeup?

Below are rough times that I allow for hair and makeup services:

  • Bride Hair and Makeup: 1hr 30 mins – 2 hrs
  • Bride Hair: 50 mins
  • Bride Makeup: 45 mins
  • Bridal Party Hair and Makeup: 1hr – 1hr 30 mins
  • Bridal Party Hair: 45 mins
  • Bridal Party Makeup: 40 mins

If doing both hair and makeup services for the bridal party, I usually start on makeup for everyone first, and then move onto hair. This is because I may need to disrupt the hairstyle to apply the makeup, so doing the makeup first, avoids this. It also gives everyone a bit of a chance to have a break in-between having their hair and makeup done. 

I usually recommend having all hair and makeup done 45 mins to and hour before the ceremony. This allows for time for pictures, getting into your dress and any makeup top-ups so that everyone looks fresh and ready to walk down the aisle.           

Is there anything you need from me (the bride) on the morning?

Please ensure that everyone is on-time on the wedding morning. Wedding mornings can sometimes be fast-paced and we rely on a schedule to keep everything running smoothly. If members of the bridal party are arriving separately, please ensure they are there at least 15 minutes before their allotted time slot.

Hair and makeup artists work best in a large space with lots of natural light. I will bring a chair and artificial lighting if needed, but if you can ensure there is adequate table space for myself and any assistants to lay our kit out on. Please try and keep your getting ready space as tidy as possible. This will help me but also you and the bridal party stay organised throughout the morning. It also looks best in photos and your photographer will thank you in advance!

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My Hair and Makeup Kit

Can you tell me more about the HD airbrushing foundation you offer?

HD airbrushing foundation is a service I offer to all my brides, should they want it. It is a thin, spray-on foundation that offers high coverage but feels like skin. Due to the silicone base it is virtually waterproof so is perfect for longevity on your wedding day. The foundation formula I use is oil-free so it is great if you do have oily skin and are worried about your foundation staying put all day. As it is a high coverage foundation, it is great for covering acne, redness or any skin concerns you may have. The lightweight feeling means it is suitable for any age, as it doesn’t sit into your pores or any fine lines. I charge £20 per person, per airbrush application. If you have never had airbrushing before, but like the sound of it, I recommend trying it out at your trial.

What products do you stock in your kit?

I use a variety of luxury hair and makeup brands in my kit including: Charlotte Tilbury, Nars, Bobbi Brown, MAC Cosmetics, Fenty Beauty, Schwarzkopf, Colour Wow and KYK Hair care. The vast majority of my products are suitable for all skin and hair types. However, if you have any severe allergies or any concerns, please feel free to talk these through with me upon enquiring. I bring all of my kit with me, so you don’t need to provide any makeup/hair products (unless there is something really specific you would like for me to use from your own personal hair/makeup collection, then please let me know when booking and we can talk this through further). 

Do you cater to a variety of skin tones/types?

Yes, as a professional trained makeup artist, I cater to all skin tones and types. I have a complete spectrum of foundation/concealer/bronzer/blush/highlight shades in my kit to mix and match to ensure that you makeup shade is completely customised to suit you. I have a variety of products in my kit to cater to different skin conditions/concerns. However, if there is anything that you are particularly concerned about, please get in touch with me.

Sometimes, clients ask me if I can use a makeup product of theirs e.g. their own foundation/mascara (often due to allergies or being highly sensitive to makeup). This is absolutely fine, but please let me know in advance, if you can, if you would like me to do this. 

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Do you travel to me and what are your travel rates?

As a mobile hair and makeup artist, I am fully mobile so I can travel to you for both your trial and your wedding day. Up to a round trip of 20 miles from my home in Uttoxeter is included in your hair and makeup packages. Any further is charged at a standard rate of 50p a mile. Any car parking fees are charged to the client. If you can provide me with as much information as possible regarding your addresses for the trial and wedding preparation venue when you enquire, I can provide you with a thorough quote for any travel costs.

How far do you travel?

I am predominantly based in Derbyshire and Staffordshire, and cover further counties such as Shropshire, Cheshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire as well. I am more than happy to travel further afield, including destination weddings, but please get in touch to enquire about my availability for travelling (particularly in peak wedding season). Please note that anything above a 90 minute drive will require overnight accommodation to be provided the night before. 

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