Follow my bridal hair and makeup checklist for peace of mind on your wedding day

Whilst planning your wedding is really exciting, there are a lot of things to think about. I bet you wish that there was someone there telling you what to do and when to do it. Well as a bridal hair and makeup artist, I am here to help you. Here is my wedding checklist to make your wedding planning a lot easier!

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1 year before the wedding

Start looking at bridal hair and makeup ideas. Get those Pinterest boards going, decide on your style and have some rough ideas of how you might want your hair and makeup to look for your big day. These may not be set in stone, but having a rough idea will: firstly, help you narrow down your hair and makeup artist choice as you want their style to be in-line with your visions and, secondly, help you decide if there are any routines you want to develop before the big day e.g. growing out your hair, changing hair colour, developing a skin/hair care routine.

Find a hair and makeup artist. It may seem a while off to find a hair and makeup artist for your big day, however, wedding dates get booked up quickly and, if you have a specific artist in mind that you love, you want to snap them up before your date has gone.

Talk to any specialists about any hair care/skin care routines you may need. Developing the right routine for you takes time. So speak to your bridal hair and makeup artist or your usual hairdresser and see if they have any advice for you based on any concerns you may have.

Think about if you are wanting a veil or any hair accessories for your big day. You want to be able to have these for your trial and suppliers need enough notice to make your pieces in time. Discuss any ideas or concerns about hair pieces with your bridal hair stylist and, once you’re happy, order them.

Bridal hair and makeup inspiration from my brides

6 months before the wedding

If you haven’t already started a skin care/hair care routine, start one. Getting that routine in nice and early will help give your hair and skin time to adjust and will also give you time to amend anything if you don’t react well to the initial routine. If you are unsure about establishing a routine, get in touch with me and I can help recommend products that will compliment your skin/hair type.

Decide if there are any treatments you are wanting for your big day. This might be a manicure, a tan, lash extensions, a facial or a new hair colour. I always think it’s best to book these in advance with people you trust. If you think you want to try something new like a tan or a facial, I recommend to try these 6 months before your wedding to make sure you are happy with the results first before booking in closer to your wedding date.

Autumnal hair colours for an autumnal bride: styled by me for @fayewildephotography

3 months before the wedding

Book in your hair and makeup trial. I get in touch with my brides 3 months before the big day to book in their trial. I recommend trials taking place 2 months before your wedding day.

Book in any treatments that you have tried previously. Make sure to book them in for the month running up to your wedding. You may want to book monthly facials/treatments depending on your requirements.

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1 month before the wedding

After your trial, buy any hair or beauty supplies that you might need for the big day. This may be your wedding lipstick, any additional hair accessories or hair extensions.

Plan a schedule with your bridal hair and makeup artist for the morning. You need to know what time your stylist will be at the venue, what time they will finish and rough increments that hair and makeup will take place for yourself and each of your bridal party. I would also recommend checking with the venue to make sure what time you can get there and see if you will have enough time to get ready at the venue or if you need to get ready elsewhere to allow enough time for everyone.

Check what time your photographer is arriving on the day. You may want them to come for the whole morning, to capture every element of you getting ready, or just for the last hour or so for any final pictures/touch-up photos – but it’s good to know what is happening either way.

Have your bridal party/maid of honour create a wedding morning playlist. You may also want to get any matching pyjama sets for you to all wear on the morning- these look great in photos!

Morning schedule: photography by
Finishing touches: photography by

1 week before the wedding

Have your final hair appointment (cut/colour). Don’t try anything new at this point, this should be your chance for a re-fresh so you look the best for your big day.

In the few days running up to your wedding, have any spray tans, facials, manicures/pedicures, or other minor treatments.

Make sure to eat well and drink plenty of water – you want to prevent any breakouts and keep your skin and hair nice and nourished.

-If you have dry hair, make sure you deep condition your hair a few days before the wedding to ensure it is well moisturised for the day.

The night before, make sure to wash your hair and blow-dry thoroughly. Cleanse your skin and moisturise well. Clean hair and skin is extremely important to achieve the best look possible so this is an important one.

Photography by @mollygeorgiaweddings

Your wedding day

-All your prep is done now so you can relax and let your bridal party take care of you. Pass on your maid of honour/mother of the bride’s phone number to any suppliers so they can reach someone on the day if they need.

Listen to your wedding morning playlist, have a laugh with your girls and enjoy being pampered on the greatest day of your life!

Photography by @mollygeorgiaweddings

Hopefully my wedding checklist has helped you in the planning for your big day. If you have any questions or would like to book me as your bridal hair and makeup artist please get in touch.

Hayley x

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