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Read on for some wedding day top tips from someone who has had their fair share of weddings, photographer Molly Georgia Photography

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Prepare details for your close-up shots before your wedding day

Some of my favourite images to capture are the morning preparations. The energy is high (even if you’ve been awake since 5am in hair & makeup), the vibes are immaculate and you’re prepping for the biggest day of your life with your nearest and dearest!
A chilled morning is just what you want before your wedding, so getting those details ready for me before I arrive is important. It allows me to get those detail shots without having to interrupt your morning chats asking where things are. For these shots I usually like to capture shoes, flowers, jewellery/accessories, fragrance, rings and if you have a spare invite for the day – even better! Being prepared and doing this before the wedding also allows more time for me to capture those special candid moments between you all!

Embrace the day and live in the moment!

It’s no joke when people say the day goes by fast, so with that in mind, take in every moment and live in the present. As your photographer, I will be there to capture all the monumental moments that make your day special to you. Seeing you enjoy the day in your own way will come through in the images and make those memories extra special! You may want to schedule in some time for just the two of you to sit back and take everything in. Don’t put too much pressure on yourselves to speak to everyone (particular if it’s a big wedding) – be present with your partner on the happiest day of your lives.

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Be yourselves!

I often get told “I hope you can pose us, we’re not very good in front of the camera” or “We’re super awkward in photos, hopefully that’s ok” and the truth is, if you’re enjoying the day with your partner and being yourselves, none of this matters.
Your couple’s session is probably one of the only moments during your day that you will get the chance to have a moment to yourselves. It’s time to take in the day so far and look at everything you have worked so hard for. Whether that’s walking around the venue hand in hand or being guided into a natural pose with movement, making my couples comfortable in front of the camera is my main focus! When you’re in the moment with each other, you forget about the camera – even if I do have to get up close at a weird angle to get under the veil! We can all have a laugh enjoy it.
From morning preparations to hyping up that dance floor, forget about the camera, be yourselves and embrace the uniqueness of your day. I’ll be there to capture it all!

Molly Georgia Photography’s specialises in elegant, documentary and heartfelt wedding photography: “It’s the perfect mixture of elegant, editorial style portraits and beautifully relaxed candid moments. No hours of strictly posed images, allowing you to be completely immersed in your wedding, whilst I capture those memories.”

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All photos are from credited to Molly Georgia Photography

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